Smart City Concept Setting Delhi to a Big Boom of Real Estate

Needless to say, the gallant step of smaret city will change the entire scenario of the Indian map. The first batch of 20 cities that have been selected to convert them into a ‘Smart’ comprises of NDMC (Delhi), Surat, Bhopal, Kochi, Chennai, Ahmadabad, Solapur, Vishakhapatnam, etc. The total infrastructure of the cities will be escalated to form a unique place where everything will be available at arm’s distance just like Revanta Heights Dwarka L Zone. Every process will speed up and the citizens will enjoy an elevated lifestyle. The improvement in technology and infrastructure will change everything. The roads will become better.

The education system will progress. The investment will flock in when the companies will find good infrastructure in the cities. In a single term, the government will lay out a platform for further development of a city in the near future.

New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) is the perfect example of Smart City development going on in India which Revanta L Zone Projects are important part of. Many parts of the city are being transformed under the mission. From affordable homes to proper infrastructure for healthcare and commerce, every single development will become extremely significant playing an important role in taking NDMC to a new level.

Delhi has been the prime focus for the Smart City Project initiated by the government. Various zones in and around the city are witnessing a huge development as per the architectural plans. The authority is planning to provide more than 20 Lac residential units in an urbanized setup that will have all the necessary modern infrastructures.

To begin with, Dwarka (Southwest Delhi), Rohini (Northwest Delhi), and Narela (Northeast Delhi) are targeted for the housing and other projects. Sprawling lands have been acquired to back the projects occurring here. Revanta CHGS which is one of the most renowned real estate entities in the field of Delhi’s real estate is striving hard to not only to meet the people’s needs but also government mission.


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