24 Lakh New Houses in Dwarka on 22,840 Hectares Land

The current residential units scenario in Delhi

Recent urbanization in the national capital has created numerous open doors, yet in the meantime represented certain difficulties also. One of the greatest difficulties confronted by the capital city is its fast prospering populace. Individuals from residential communities and urban communities frequently move to Delhi looking for employments. Subsequently the present populace of Delhi is 1.7 crore. Before the year’s over 2021, the populace may achieve 2.5 crore.

24 Lakh New Houses on 22,840 Hectares Land in Dwarka L zone

Revanta L Zone taking forward the concept of smart city

The present scenario gives shelter to just 1.5 crore individuals. By what means will Delhi Development Authority make base which tops off the current shortage as well as obliges 80 lakh more individuals. To spare the circumstance from getting further oppressed, a Master Plan Delhi 2021 has come into existence and the reputed developing entities such as Revanta L Zone are part of it. The vision of this global township is to recreate Delhi in a way that it gives reverence to 10 million individuals.


Features that make these units the best house in India

  • All the houses are well architected keeping in view the futuristic approach
  • No hassle after purchasing as all the necessary approvals are already taken
  • High rich offerings in terms of power, water, internet connectivity and security
  • Easy payment plans so that even middle class people can think of buying homes
  • Well strategic planning that provides ample space for parking and other activities
  • Very close proximity to all the major social services destinations like banks and schools

Premium housing has a new name – Revanta Heights

The connectivity factor in the Revanta Heights townships also contributes hugely to the mega development procedures and process. An investor or a home seeker will definitely benefit from public transportation like the Delhi Metro, DTC Network and other local resources while investing in any kind of piece of property in Dwarka L Zone. These premium housing offerings are for each and every individual who is driven by farsightedness and long terms benefits.

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