Revanta Plaza: Offering Perfect-Fit Commercial Spaces in Dwarka L Zone

UntitledWith unavailability of a profuse amount of land, Dwarka has become a purely apparent choice for real estate investment for both commercial and residential properties in the region. Out of 29 total sectors in Dwarka, 23 sectors are almost well developed and Sector number 24, 25 and 26 are still under development. Moreover, the opening up of 32-lane state-of-the-art Expressway has remarkably linked Dwarka with other parts of Delhi, and the property prices here have an obviously overwhelming impact of the development.

Needless to say, commercial development has a direct connection with the growing residential areas and the people moving to the urban areas. Keeping in view the same, the environment ministry has given an important clearance for the upcoming Rs 26,000-crore international exhibition-cum-convention centre (ECC) project in Dwarka paving the way for the construction of the biggest such centre in the entire South Asian Region.

To fulfill the needs of the commercial requirements of the investors, common businessmen and the corporate entities, Revanta commercial by the reputed Revanta Group has come up with a plenty of offerings to meet all types of commercial space requirements.

Apparently, the Delhi Master Plan 2021 is tailored in a way that it would fully revolutionize the infrastructure sector of Delhi. It is crucially important for you to know well that Dwarka L-zone is definitely a cherry on the cake. On the ground of the Land Pooling Policy, this area has already created an indelible mark on the housing and residential sector.

There is also a rumor in the market which now government is going to keep a little section of Delhi Master Plan-2021 for hardcore commercial and retail shops. It is a really a big news for blooming business-minded people that 5% of land under Master Plan – 2021 is strategically reserved for fully dedicated commercial activities. Coming into existence for the same purpose, Revanta Plaza offers commercial spaces that have been exquisitely designed and developed in different sizes. You will easily find the perfect-fit shop ranging in size of 200, 300, 400 and 600 square feet area. So, make a smart move through a timely and intelligent decision.

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